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George Pizzo is a pioneer member of Relax Teams and Caring Transitions Franchisee. George hosts a special live stream: #TBT RareFinds. The 20-minute episodes are broadcasted live on Thursdays at 12:00 Noon via Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and other channels. During these episodes, George shares his passion for Rare Finds and Hidden Treasures with fellow experts in the field. Click Learn More to know how you can join George on his show.

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Optimize your time while maximizing your revenue. Relax Teams is so much more than just a 1hr Zoom Networking Meeting. We address many of the challenges of the pandemic and beyond.

Relax Teams provides you with a trusted team of professionals to help you work through your current challenges.

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About is a group of business professionals, who came together with the purpose of helping to promote and grow George Pizzo‘s business. Our team and/or our individual businesses can be hired to help your business as well.

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